A heritage for few

A Privileged place to grow agave


This Agave plant keeps one of the most representative traditions of our country.

It is part of the Mexican history as per this Hacienda was attacked and practically destroyed by the Mexican Federal Government during the Mexican Revolution in 1810 when Rodolfo Fierro, a man of Francisco Villa was occupying it.

This Tequila distillery that started production in 1892 had an initial daily production output of 150 liters per day. At present its capacity is of 3,000 litters daily and still keeping its craftsman touch with traditional process as the knowledge of masonry ovens that requires a slow process with up to 36 hours and getting the best sugars out of the agave heart, from which it gets its unique flavor with very special fruits and species tones from the region considered as the best from the country since it has extreme climate that enhance the agave’s properties.


Line of process

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Herencia Mexicana starts with the careful selection of blue agave plants, sourced from 'Los Altos de Jalisco' (The Highlands) area, between the town of Tepatitlan and Arandas. In this area, the agave plants benefit from hot and sunny dry periods, followed by heavy rainy seasons, and a fertile soil, high in minerals, which produces richer and higher quality agaves, taking 7 to 10 years to reach full maturity.

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